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Innovations in Tattoos

Innovations in Tattoos

Tattoos are loved for its permanent artwork. When someone chooses a design and makes it a tattoo, that design has a permanent meaning for him or her. These designs are chosen carefully because once they are tattooed on your skin, they can never be erased. Technology is now attempting to change the permanence of tattoos. Although tattoos may be removed through various procedures, these processes usually consist of long, costly, and painful sessions. Surgery may remove a tattoo but it will leave an ugly scar on a person’s skin. Laser removal is more effective but very expensive. A company named Freedom 2 is currently developing a tattoo ink that will change tattoo permanence. They made ink from encapsulating bio absorbable dyes in polymethylmethacrylate microspheres. These dyes are safe and have been already approved by the FDA. By using this ink, a person can have it removed easily through a single laser treatment. It disrupts the encapsulation so that the ink will flow out into the tissues and be absorbed. This allows the tattoo to fade without undergoing several laser removal treatments. This is still not available for general use but probably soon it will be available in the market.

The company is also developing a tattoo that will fade on its own predetermined length of time. The company still has not released information about this product so there is still no schedule of availability in the market.

Freedom 2 has successfully developed two different types of tattoos that are no longer permanent one that can be removed any time, and one that will fade on its own.

These newly developed inks may not be so great for some artists. Most tattoo artists believe that tattoos should be permanent and shall remain permanent and are not for the fickle minded. Still some artists may consider extending its services to the less decisive to purchase their inks. The new inks are expected to be expensive, since it is advanced and is very different than the traditional ink. Although these tattoo inks may be removed without difficulty, a person may have scars left from the needle used to create the tattoo. An unwanted texture image of the tattoo may remain forever on a person’s skin.

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