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Information About Fashion Bags

Information About Fashion Bags

And today, I’m at Debra C, a women’s specialty store in Carmel, California. That carries top quality apparel and accessories by renowned designers from around the world. In this video, I’m going to share information about fashion bags. Trends and fads may come and go, the timeless classics are the worthwhile investments that you should keep in your wardrobe, year in and year out. Whether you tend to collect bags or not, there are five essential bags that every woman should have in wardrobe, which I’m going to share with you today. A few tips to investing in some great bags that will last a lifetime, are to pick neutral colors that work well with your outfits. To invest in durable materials, and have bags that are well constructed. Our first bag is the clutch. What I love about the clutch, is that it’s versatile, lady like and sophisticated. Featured here, is a perfect example by Lauren Merkin. This white leather clutch is great, because it’s compact, but it also is roomy enough to feature any of your items, from your cell phone to your wallet. Next up, we have the compact and convenient wristlet. This is great when you want to keep your hands free, like a day of shopping, wine tasting, or even going to a theme park. Featured here, is a perfect example of a wristlet by Ralph Lauren. Next up, we have the evening bag. What sets the evening bag apart from any other bag, is usually the materials, such as the satin or metallic leather. And also, embellishments or added details. Featured here, is a perfect example of an evening bag by Cornelia Guest, that features sequence and studs. Next, we have the tote bag, this is great for the woman on the go. Whether you’re a student in school and need to carry around books and notepads, or a professional woman who needs documents and her iPad. Or, even a busy mom who has toddlers and she needs to carry all kinds of items for her kids. Tote bags are great, because they’re very portable, they can carry any kind of item in there, from iPads and laptops, to documents and your basic necessities. Featured here, is a perfect example of a leather tote bag by Big Buddha, featuring a gold chain and simple detailing. Next, we have the medium size day bag. What’s great about this piece, is it goes from work week to weekends, day to night, with ease. What I love about perfect size day bags like this, is that they feature multiple compartments inside, that help you stay organized. And still keep all of your items with you when you’re on the go. Featured here, is a perfect example of a medium size day bag, with some basic detailing, by Michael Kors. Again, this is Christina Lauren with Inspirations and Celebrations, at Debra C in Carmel, California, sharing information about fashion bags. Thanks for watching.

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