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Improvement of FIFA 15 Comparing with FIFA 14

Not long ago on the E3, EA announced its sports game masterpiece FIFA 15 game details. But we have only FIFA 14 at this moment and only Fifa 15 Coins are selling. So if you want to buy Fifa coins you can contact us. Foreign media recently exposed FIFA15 latest batch of game details including details of AI that we already know and screen upgrade. FIFA15 new details are summarized below, take a look at how the game allows players to experience the real football game!

1. New emotional intelligence system allows players to show their emotions based on field conditions;
2. Near the whistle a goal will let players have a crazy celebration, also will be frustrated by missing scoring opportunities;
3. With a new control system, it will be better to reflect player’s personality and can affect the game;
4. It is based on the accurate calculation of the running track in contact football, models and physical characteristics;
5. Harmonious ergonomics makes the players react and when to get the ball moving more balanced and tight control;
6. Body defense, pulling jerseys, shoulder top, tackles are all new features of PvP PK system;
7. Player model has been reproduced, and now is robuster, leaner and truer.

“FIFA 15” will be landing on September 23 this year, the PC platform. There will be the launch of the official Chinese version! We will prepare Cheap Fifa 15 Coins for you.

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