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I want a refund cheap fifa 18 coins but refused

I want a refund but refused to leave the cheap fifa 18 coins after Xiao Yun, he was just a student, not May success. I did not expect that, on the evening of nine points on the cheap fifa 18 coins information, found their loan needs, the monthly repayment 2200 yuan, a total period of 18 months, even with interest totaling 39600 yuan, this is completely beyond their cheap fifa 18 coins capacity. And more Xiaoyun puzzling is that the money to their credit did not give her directly to the beauty salon account. Thinking he hasn’t had cheap fifa 18 coins, Xiao Yun to prepare for second days to refund. The next day, beauty salon staff told Xiao Yun, can not refund. Because her loan has been mut coins, if you want to refund cheap fifa 18 coins need to pay 10 thousand yuan of liquidated damages or. Be about $16 thousand worth of plastic surgery. Xiao Yun felt cheated, the police. The police think the day cheap fifa 18 coins Xiao Yun has its own cosmetic surgery in the informed consentform, no solution, suggestions to help the Consumer Association mediation mediation. That cheap fifa 18 coins salon is not standardized, the girls “from the” Nanjing City Consumers Association staff after receiving a buy madden mobile coins, immediately contact the beauty salon, and inform them cheap fifa 18 coins the consent of consumers agree with their identity cards and mobile phone to help the loan behavior of suspected fraud.

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