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How to Take Care of a New Tattoo

How to Take Care of a New Tattoo

Tattoos are one of the hottest fashion trends out there. It seems everywhere that you look that people are getting tattoos in record numbers. You can see the amazing art of tattoos gracing the red carpet of the to celebrity events. You can even see tattoos on the soccer mo sitting next to you. The decision to get a tattoo is not one that should be taken lightly. This will be an amazing piece of artwork that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. Once you have made the decision to get a tattoo and have sat through the time it takes to have it applied to your skin, you need to think about caring for your new tattoo. Follow these steps to care for your new tattoo and keep it looking new and fresh. Step One

When you get home from getting your tattoo you will want to wait an hour before you remove the wrap that the tattoo artist applied to your artwork. The wound is fresh and needs time to heal a little before you start to take care of it. Carefully remove the wrap. Your tattoo will be sore and can hurt if you pull the wrap off too fast. Use this technique to clean your new tattoo daily.

Wash your tattoo with antibacterial soap. This is an open wound and you need to make sure that you kill any bacteria that may be present. Bacteria will cause your tattoo to become infected. Use a soft washcloth to wash your tattoo. Your tattoo will be tender and needs to be treated with items that are as soft as you can get.

Step Three

Pat dry you tattoo after you have rinsed off the soap. Take a vitamin E capsule and break it in half. Rub the content of the vitamin E capsule over your tattoo. Use as many capsules as needed to completely cover your tattoo. The vitamin E will help to moisturize your skin and promote a healthy scar free healing of your tattoo. You can use a moisturizer that has vitamin E in it. Stay away from anything that is scented. This can cause a reaction with your open wound and destroy your tattoo. Reapply the vitamin E 3 to 4 times a day while your tattoo heals.

Step Four

Keep your tattoo out of the sun. The sunlight can fade a tattoo. If you can not keep your tattoo covered by clothing when you are out in the sun, you will need to apply a sunscreen to it. Use at least an SPF of 15 to protect your tattoo from the sun.

Step Five

Do not scratch your tattoo. As your tattoo heals it will become very itching. This is a sign that it is healing. Any wound that you have will go through this process. Scratching can cause the tattoo not to heal correctly and to possibly get infected. Single mother of one, she uses many of her own experiences to fill her writing. View profile

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