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How to Pick a Matching Tattoo

How to Pick a Matching Tattoo

Tattoos are very popular and gaining even more popularity with reality shows like “Miami Ink,” “Inked,” and on the bodies of athletes in the NBA, NFL, and the WWE. One question that comes into play when getting a tattoo is when you are getting one with a spouse or girlfriend. There are many things to consider, but ultimately the decision is yours on what tattoo to pick. Relationship Status

One thing that must be considered is the relationship status. How long do have you two been together? Do you have long term plans? You do not want to make this impulse buy, and really think about whether you will end up with the tattoo longer than the person. You do not want to get a tattoo on the palm of your hand, break up, and then have to look at that reminder of a failed relationship day after day. Consider spots that cannot be seen or only be seen in the shower. The back, lower thigh, ankle, or other spots that can be covered up are all good locations. Keeping a tattoo smaller will keep it more intimate and personal, signifying to you and your loved one that it is more than just body art, it is a symbol of your love and

Unless the other person is okay with it, just to keep the tattoos unisex. I am sure guys do not want to have a matching pink bunny inked on their body, as do girls want a skull with flames shooting out of it. Non gender

tattoos range from stars, horoscope signs, and even Japanese lettering. Before committing to this, even initials, realize what you are doing, and the process that you will go through to get it removed or have for the rest of your life.

Old Age

Many people do not understand the concept of a tattoo for a lifetime and go into on an impulse. Before getting the tattoo, picture yourself at 60, even 50 or 40, and see if that is what you want when you are older. It may look good now, but you may not want that same tattoo in the future.

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