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How to Find a Tattoo Artist

How to Find a Tattoo Artist

Browse Articles Videos By CategoryFood DrinkHobbies, Games ToysVisit each of the artists you’re interested in in their studios. Ask to see their portfolios. A good tattoo artist will have no problem at all with showing you photos of their completed work. A good portfolio will include custom designs, flash work and even cover ups. A cover up is when someone has a bad tattoo and they ask the artist to create a new design to place over the old one. It’s a great way for new tattoo artists to learn their skill and hone their craft, so most artists will have several cover ups in their portfolio.Talk to the artist and let them know what you considering, and see how accommodating they will be. Do you want a custom design, created just for you and no one else? Do you want a piece of pre designed flash? Have you already created an image yourself and just want the artist to ink it onto your skin? Find out what sort of things the artist is willing to do, and if they have anything they won’t do. Some artists refuse to do work on certain body parts, so be sure to tell him exactly where you want the tattoo placed. This is also a good time to talk about pricing, but don’t let the cost factor determine where you get your work done. Unlike buying a toaster or a pair of socks, cheaper is not better when it comes to body art.


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