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How to Design Your Own Tattoo With Stars

How to Design Your Own Tattoo With Stars

Ask tattoo artists about trends in tattooing and, at some point, you will hear the word “stars.” Perhaps because of humankind’s connection with the mysteries of the sky, or perhaps because of the recent popularity of sailors, stars of all kinds appear on the flesh of young adults around the country. But if you want to make your tattoo stand out and personalize your ink, consider designing your own tattoo. Because most people can draw stars with relative ease, your skin will look like the night sky in no time.

If you have trouble drawing any of your tattoo design, try finding a piece of art online or in a book, copying it using pencil and tracing paper, and changing any lines that you don’t like. For example, if you want a cat holding a star, then you might need to trace a picture of a cat holding a ball, and use your pencil to switch the ball with a star.

As one of the stars of TLC “Miami Ink,” Chris Garver is known as one of the world best tattoo artists.


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