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help the transformation fifa 18 coins of traditional

help the transformation of traditional transportation industry; and through technical cooperation with government agencies fifa 18 coins all levels, the construction of smart city and intelligent fifa 18 coins, to solve traffic congestion, pollution and other issues. (Chinese CCPIT, vice president of the International Chamber of Commerce Chinese Chen Chau speech at the forum) fifa 18 coins Zhou pointed out:” to share if you still insist on the economic regulation in accordance with the traditional industry management concept, the industry is not conducive to fifa 18 coins, perfecting laws and regulations is the fundamental guarantee to share economic development. “He said, China The International madden coins of Commerce will make full use fifa 18 coins their own advantages and platform in the business circle of influence, to further strengthen the dialogue with the government, through the suggestions, to form a good fifa 18 coins law, policy system, so that enterprises can be sustained and healthy development of.9 9, by the nba 2k18 coins daily (Group) < > magazine sponsored by the economic China fifa 18 coins Research Institute of finance a city,

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