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Fingernail Tattoos

Fingernail Tattoos

A member on the message board recently came across this page about fingernail tattoos and wanted to know if they were for real. Yes, you can [tattoo fingernails]. I’ve done it. Of course you don’t really go very far into the nail just enough to scratch the surface. The most that is felt is a vibration, so it’s also the only truly painless tattoo. Once the artist is done, you rinse the nail and paint over it with a clear layer of nail polish and you’re good to go. No pain. No healing time. As time goes on it will work it’s way to the end of the nail and bye bye tattoo. 🙂 ” Stacey then included the picture here of this fingernail tattooed with a smiley face.

(1) ladytattoo says:My husband tattooed my toenail years ago! Weird sensation, you wait for the hurt! Bad thing was as it grew out the design gets funky. I had him do a sunset so it just in the horizon!

He said it played heck with his machine response???

It was a fun funky thing for awhile!

February 7, 2009 at 2:43 am

(2) MATT says:I want to get a tattoo under my finger nail it will probley hert like hell but i was wondering can it be done

July 13, 2010 at 6:34 am

(3) lilsoldier says:Well i smashed my thumb nail about a month ago and i am engaged to a excellent professional experienced tattooist. The nail is almost off and i am gonna get a filigreee heart tattooed on it from what i understand its pretty hardcore and very rare to find anyone who has the courage and gutts to do it. YES its gonna hurt like hell but hey i love tattoos and i really think in the end it will b worth it. Anyone who loses a nail by accident should consider it if they enjoy being inked. It is so small it can b done in a few short minutes.

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