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FIFA 15 players Chelsea suit each season formation to the car card to choose collocation, tactical board Settings

Each player of the season:

Goalkeepers: 07 cech, 13 Kurt tuva

Analysis: 07 best choice petr cech, substitute using 13 Kurt tuva. The clothes can be used at the present stage 13 Kurt tuva and W petr cech.

Central defender John terry, 08 W cahill, David lewis, 13 ivanovic, 13 W Kurt zuma, 10 alex, 08 ricardo carvalho

Analysis: the combination of terry and 08 W cahill is very strong, the clothes can now use W cahill and 10 partner terry, is must be into the W David lewis. Don’t forget there are 13 Kurt zuma silver card, this is a very powerful backup, the best location for 13 branislav ivanovic is CB, especially after 14 card update, more strong, he can become a versatile Chelsea’s defence. Alex is a good substitute, advice.

(other: fifa 15 coins updated, 14 cahill’s height and weight are better than W card, but defensive attributes or a lot of, what is card of card of 14 hill or W, this problem also need to practice)

(the graph is 08 terry compared with 10 terry, 08 terry more steals 6 a.m., marking more people 7 PM, much reaction 11 a.m., strong more than 6, position more than 44)

Full-back ASHLEY cole 08, 13 az skin quetta, 13 felipe lewis, 09 zhirkov, 13 ivanovic, 13 ramirez

Analysis: the main left-back cole 08, right-back 13 az skin quetta silver card, dress left-back currently 13 felipe Louis + 3 CARDS, 13 ivanovic used as substitute. 10 zhirkov 09 card, buy fifa coins also can buy. 13 ramirez guest both full-backs are good.

ASHLEY cole (pictured 08 compared with 10 CARDS, 08 much stronger 13 points, people marking the 6 points, more speed 2 points)

Back: 08 essien, 13 matic, 08 mikel, 13 ramirez

Analysis: the position, essien was the first person, absolutely whether 08-7 in 10 CARDS again, if is 4-2-2 matrix, main double waist should be 13 matic + 08 essien. 13 ramirez and 08 mikel substitute. The clothes at this stage, single defensive midfielder essien 10 or 13 matic. Can also be 13 matic single defensive midfielder, essien on 10 CM position, it will crowd out lampard. Specific how to put can choose according to you be fond of. 10 John obi mikel is also very good.

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