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Fashion Tips for Short Men

Fashion Tips for Short Men

It is no secret that society promotes the ideal stereotypical male as one who is at least 6 feet tall. However, there are several shorter men who show that this rule can be challenged. Take for example, Tom Cruise, Seth Green and Michael J. Fox. These successful men dress effectively to play up the height they do have. If you are a shorter male, this article looks at several fashion tips to help maximize your height.

Wear one color from top to toe

When the human eye travels up and down another person’s body, it is much more likely to stop at intervals where there is a color change in that person’s attire. If you wear all the one color, the eye will travel your full length and hence make you seem taller. If you are short and wide, stick to dark colors, but if you are short and thin, you can wear lighter colors. Make sure you belt and shoes also tone in with your chosen clothing color.

Vertical stripes are visually elongating, and the most lengthening stripes for men of short stature are skinny stripes. This means skinny pinstripe shirts and suits are a great choice for short men. Avoid horizontal stripes at all costs because these will detract from the height you do have.

Get some lift in your footwear

Men and heels don’t usually go hand in hand, unless you are part of the gothic or drag queen demographic, but this doesn’t mean you can’t add in some sneaky height. Elevator style shoes feature shoe lifts in the inside of the shoe. These are virtually undetectable under long pants, but can add an extra inch or so to your height instantly.

Stick to single breasted jackets

Double breasted jackets draw the eye across the body and therefore add width, rather then height. So when it comes to choosing a jacket style think sleek and single breasted. Also stick to jackets that end just below your hips, rather then longer styles that end down around the knees, because these are likely to make you look like you have stumpy legs.

A well tailored pant can do great things for the shorter man. This is because pants that are tool full and long will only draw attention to your lack of height and in reverse a pant that isn’t long enough will further detract from your height. A perfect fitting pant sits just above the ground at the back of your shoe and has a maximum of two folds in the front. When your pants extend nearly to the ground they increase the visual appearance of your leg length and thus your overall height.

Short women have been employing this technique for as long as can be remembered. If you choose a hairstyle that employs a little volume at the top of your head, you will add an extra inch or so to your height, no matter what clothes you are wearing at the given time. Just don’t go overboard and feel you have to create volume resembling a Mohawk, unless you are particularly inclined to sport a dramatic attention getting style.


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