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Fashion Rules Belts

Fashion Rules Belts

Do Belt Your Body Type

When selecting a belt, it’s best to start by determining your shape. Tall people generally look best with wide belts with big details, while petite physiques look best with small to medium width belts and buckles. Pear shaped individuals should wear a wide belt at the waist, while apple shaped women should go for a wide belt slung low at the hips. Those with hourglass figures look good with a thin belt cinched at the waist, but people with slim boyish bodies should stick with a proportional slim belt. A belt in a trendy pattern or bright shade can add a pop of color or texture and make a basic, neutral outfit feel very of the moment, while placing a belt buckle off center gives an edgy asymmetrical look. But don’t go overboard: If you’re wearing an embellished belt with chains, jewels, grommets or studs, forgo all other jewelry.


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