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Fashion Forecasters Predict a Buttoned

Fashion Forecasters Predict a Buttoned

Kenneth Cole: Cole set the stage for an office romance, dressing women in refined dresses, wool skirt suits and high neck tie blouses and men in cashmere sweaters, sportcoats and tailored trousers in varying shades of gray and brown.

The women’s clothes hugged in the right places and flowed in others to be just suggestive enough to keep them from morphing into a 1970s typing pool look. The men showed a little flair with their chunky sweaters and thick scarves.

Standout outfits for women included a cardigan jacket with an oversized collar in dark gray cashmere worn with a merino wool pencil skirt; a lighter gray wool wrap jacket with a band around the front of the waist worn with a slim wool pant; a simple and sophisticated cocoa colored cashmere turtleneck dress; and a caramel shearling belted coat with a high collar.

For men, a dark gray cardigan with a white and gray striped shirt, brown silk dot tie and moleskin flat front pants was among the best looks. Most of Cole’s pants, for both men and women, tended to have skinny legs and waistbands actually on the waist.

John Bartlett: Bartlett’s runway show featured clothes fit for a lumberjack, longshoreman and a New England college professor.

Bartlett said he was inspired by “an untamed stretch of coastline and wilderness that lies between Provincetown and Walden Pond, Mass.” That translated into lots of thin wale corduroy jackets and pants, trousers in a subtle plaid pattern, wool henley tops, peacoats and duck boots.

A green tweed jacket with suede patches on the elbow paired with a green hoodie sweater was a fresh look, while a chocolate brown corduroy suit was an inspired version of a classic. The palette also included some nice blues, including a teal crewneck sweater worn over a shirt and tie and paired with navy wool military inspired pants with black wool trim.

Bartlett is in his first year as creative director of luxury leather company Ghurka, and his show included some of those styles as well, including a houndstooth and black leather overnight bag and a leather log carrier.

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