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Facts About Safe Tattoos

Facts About Safe Tattoos

Tattoo artists insert a new needle and tube into a tattoo machine for each client. Before inserting the needle and tube into the machine, the tattoo artist sterilizes the instruments in an autoclave. Tattoo artists use needles only one time and then deposit the needle into a biohazard receptacle, or Sharps container. After scrubbing and placing the tubes in an ultrasonic, the metal tubes are sterilized in the autoclave after each client. Disposable tubes are another option and are also only used once. A tattoo artist that reuses needles can contribute to the spread of diseases, such as hepatitis B or C, to future clients. When entering a tattoo shop, observing sharps containers, an autoclave and an ultrasonic can reassure the client of a safe tattoo experience.

If a tattoo artist is inexperienced or a nonprofessional, his technique could effect the outcome of your tattoo. Going too deep into the skin during the tattoo process can cause scarring. If the tattoo artist does not place the ink far enough into your skin, your tattoo will look light and have missing ink spots. Professional tattoo artists have portfolios of tattoo work for you to look at when you visit the tattoo shop. A way to prevent receiving a tattoo from an artist with bad technique is to ask the tattoo artist for a portfolio and ask the artist about his professional experience.

The health department regulates tattoo shops and enforces fines if the shop is not clean. A tattoo shop should have a clean lobby, floors and countertops. Food and drinks should not be on the tattoo artist’s station. If a tattoo artist is in the process of performing a tattoo, he should not answer the phone or touch any other surface with the gloves he is wearing. If he touches another surface with his gloves, he is transferring the client’s blood to the surface and cross contaminating. If you are receiving a safe tattoo, the tattoo artist will wash his hands and put on gloves before beginning your tattoo. During the tattoo, if the tattoo gets up or takes a break, the first thing he will do is remove his gloves. The tattoo artist sprays the chair and counter in his workstation with a germicidal in between each client and when opening and closing the shop.

Tattoo ink is available in 2 , 4 or 8 ounce bottles. Before performing a tattoo, the tattoo artist disperses the ink into ink caps on his station to avoid contaminating the bottle. The ink caps are disposable and hold the small amount of ink needed for the tattoo. If the tattoo artist needs more ink during the tattoo procedure, he will remove his gloves, put on a fresh pair of gloves and disperse more ink from the bottle into the ink cap. If the tattoo artist has an assistant or apprentice, the tattoo artist may ask them to adorn gloves and disperse the ink to avoid interrupting the tattoo process. The tip of the tattoo ink bottle should never touch the ink cap or any other surface.

Proper aftercare is vital in healing a tattoo safely. The tattoo artist performing your tattoo will explain how to care for your new tattoo and will give you a sheet with the same information to take home. While aftercare methods vary from artist to artist, certain products are unsafe to put on your tattoo. Alcohol and hydrogen peroxide can cause burns or cause the color of your tattoo to fade. Unscented lotions keep the tattoo moisturized and are the most common aftercare product recommended for healing a tattoo. In your aftercare instructions, a tattoo artist will tell you to avoid touching the tattoo unless you are washing the tattoo in the shower or applying an aftercare product to prevent infection. Scabs will form on your tattoo and the artist will advise you to avoid picking or scratching at the scabs, along with avoiding swimming and the sun for the healing period of two weeks.

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