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done by Shanti Cameron at Cat Tattoo in Addison

done by Shanti Cameron at Cat Tattoo in Addison

This subreddit is intended for posting your own personal tattoos, but also includes: news, articles, tattoo flash, tattoo paintings, help/suggestion threads, and a wealth of resources. Below are some links, guidelines, and rules. Please direct any questions to the mod team.Artists and apprentices: If you wish to post or comment as such, please get verified before doing so. Do not post or comment as an artist until this is done and you have your artist flair. Once verified please limit self promotion to one post per day.Any attacks, advances, compliments or comments made on personal appearance.Hate speech (sexuality slurs, racial slurs, religious slurs) will get you banned permanently. Even if you think you mean it as a “joke”.Memes, rage comics, reaction gifs, “top 10″ style lists, and other copypasta.Prison tattoos, scratchers, etc.”Troll” remarks, such as “you regret that”.Talking about pricing in any context.Posting work that is not yours as your own.Equipment discussion or buying/selling anything.Any contest, survey, school project, auction, or money raising event.Giving any sort of medical advicePersonal attacks of any kind.”Cake day” posts.Rules will be enforced with temporary and permanent bans. Official /r/Tattoos Aftercare Artist Verification Machine Icons[+]miasimia comment score below threshold (7 children)People care, artists care. You should have contacted her before you got the tattoo, and asked her permission, not told her you were getting the tattoo. Not doing so is art theft.People have had her work tattooed with her permission before, and she even done custom commissions for tattoos, so I suggest getting in touch with her now to let her know you have used her work. I know that she likes to see the tattooed versions at least. She could also reasonably charge you for the use of her work, although she a super nice person so she will likely just be flattered and let is slide.You should also mention the artist when you share a tattoo (or anything) based on their work not only out of pure decency, but also so that people who don know the artist and might want to see more of their work can go find them.Edit to add: the tattoo is beautiful though, her work does translate spectacularly well.I don live in a country where suing is a thing that happens a lot, so I don know a great deal about that sort of thing, and I never consider that sort of thing when I post here. The purpose of my post was to educate, to say “hey, that not cool, you should let Abby Diamond know you used her work, and in the future make sure you ask first”.It seems to me like common sense dictates that using someone art without their permission is not ideal, whether intentional or not. I unfortunately see it a lot, and this sucks because usually these artists charge less than they could for their work, they may use their work to supplement their income or even as their whole income, and people are taking that potential income away from them without even thinking about how it could be a detrimental act. I feel like it is important to spread the message that the artists permission is important no matter what you want to use their art for, and this thread was certainly an ideal place to share that message.


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