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In this instructables I will show how to easily draw a pin up girl tattoo. Is relatively easy because vintage tattoo had simple line and shape and use only few colors. Plus vintage tattoo don’t need a look too professional.

Is nice to make your own tattoo or just draw one for fun. every piece you don’t color in the flash will be “pink skin” in a real tattoo (so I preferred to cover the whole paper in pink to have a better idea of the real tattoo final look);

try to don’t make the parallel line of your draw to close together because in a real tattoo the ink will spread and the lines will touch each other;

don’t be afraid to use black for shading and live many uncolored space (for example for the girl skin, or for the edges of the objects).

You can fill in your drawing with things, like roses (really popular on vintage tattoo), or accessories for your girl, like sailor hats or big bows.

Rose: they are really easy to draw. Draw a simplify rose and color it: before with bright red (let some white space on the edges of the petals), then blend with black for the shading(look at the photo), do the same for the leaves with green and black.

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