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Demon Tattoo Design Ideas

Demon Tattoo Design Ideas

In 1589, a Jesuit named Peter Binsfeld matched demons with each of the seven deadly sins. This match up could be used to create demon tattoos of the seven deadly sins. Each demon has a story and personality, which can be incorporated in the tattoo. These ideas for demon tattoos of the seven deadly sins include sexy demon males, beautiful demon females, and creepy creatures. Choose your sin and create a tattoo. Demon tattoo of the seven deadly sins: Pride and Lucifer. Isaiah 14: 12 15 is the only passage in the Bible that mentions Lucifer by name. He is “Son of the Morning”, and with pride planned to overthrow God’s throne, but was instead thrown into the pits of Hell. Lucifer is also described, in Ezekial 28:13, as being covered in musical instruments to sing God’s praises. He is the most famous fallen angel ever known.

The fallen angel Lucifer. Create a demon tattoo of the sin of pride by using Lucifer, Son of the Morning. He should be placed in front of the bright sun, but above the clouds and the stars. It might seem strange to mix the sun with stars of the night, but that is how Lucifer is described. He ascends above the clouds, above the stars, and is prideful because of his beauty and brightness. Make Lucifer look however you want, but you should give him mighty wings that span a large distance, making this demon tattoo of the seven deadly sins perfect for a back tattoo. Below Lucifer you could write his name, Helel ben Shahar, son of the morning.

Female demon and music. While Lucifer is “Son of the Morning”, that doesn’t mean you can’t create a demon tattoo of Pride using a female demon. This sexy woman should be playing a musical instrument, of your choice, and place her in a rather erotic position. Have her lying across a piano, or holding a guitar between her legs. She is proud of her musical ability.

Demon tattoo of the seven deadly sins: Avarice and Mammon. Mammon is the demon of avarice and greed, although he is only mentioned as an actual demon in Milton’s Paradise Lost. The word “mammon” means “wealth”, and that is how the name is used in the bible.

The money hungry mammon. The lack of information about Mammon gives you free reign on your avarice demon tattoo design. One idea is to turn the demon Mammon into a dragon. Dragons were often thought to horde treasure in their caves, and kill anyone who tried to steal it. You dragon, named Mammon, should be vile and evil looking, and even give him large demon like horns upon his head. Have the dragon surrounded with jewels, gold coins, and kingly crowns.

The beautiful bathing demon, Mammon. For a female demon tattoo, have your sexy female demon swimming in a bathtub filled with gold. Her hair should be gold in color, her skin tattooed with golden spirals. She is loving her bath in gold, her head back and a greedy smile on her face. Go ahead and give her small gold horns to show that she is a demon, and a greedy one at that.

Demon tattoo of the seven deadly sins: Lust and Asmodeus. In the book of Tobit there is the story of the demon Asmodeus. A young woman, named Sarah, was wed seven times, but every one of her husbands were murdered by the demon Asmodeus on their wedding night before they could consummate their marriage.

The demon Asmodeus. There is no good reason why Asmodeus tortured poor Sarah. In the Testament of Solomon 5:7, Asmodeus claims he “mars the beauty of virgins and causes their hearts to grow cold.” This doesn’t sound like he lusted after women, but yet he is the demon of lust. Create a demon tattoo of Asmodeus and Sarah. He could have her in his arms, a strong man with hardened muscles and horns upon his head. At his feet could be a dead man, Sarah’s husband, bloodied and torn apart by Asmodeus’ hands.

A lusty Lolita. A female demon tattoo of the sin of Lust is pretty easy to create. Create the sexiest woman you can imagine. She should have bright red lips, and wearing a sexy outfit. Or she could be wearing nothing at all. What is most important is that she is beckoning to all her look at her, asking them to be her lover. Make sure to find a tattoo artist that is excellent with faces so that you truly capture that provocative look.

Demon tattoo of the seven deadly sins: Anger and Satan. Satan means “adversary”, and is commonly believed to be the adversary of God. He also represents pure evil, and the enemy of all that is good.

The demon Satan and the destruction of the world. When you see the name Satan, you imagine a fiery being with horns, sharp teeth, and bright red skin. Create a demon tattoo of Satan with this idea in mind. He should be frightful. To show anger, have Satan destroying something of importance or with meaning in your life. You despise God? Have Satan destroying the cross. Have him tearing the world in half. Have him surrounded by flames, his fists clenched, and his teeth bared. Another idea is to have Satan destroying the sun itself.

The serpent and the beginning of sin. Satan tempted Adam and Eve as a serpent. You could turn Satan into a huge snake, just as frightening as his demon form. Again, he should be angry, and have his slithery body wrapped around the world or a cross.

Demon tattoo of the seven deadly sins: Gluttony and Beezlebub. Beezlebub is considered the “prince of demons”, and is also often called “Satan”. It is hard to say why Beezlebub was chosen as the demon of gluttony. In the Testament of Solomon, he says that he “causes demons to be worshiped alongside men, and arouses desire in holy men and select priests. He brings about jealousies and murders in a country, and instigates wars.” Sometimes Beezlebub has been confused with Bacchus, a man who loved his wine, and that might be why Beezlebub was chosen as the demon of gluttony.

Beezlebub as the lord of flies. You think of a fat man who has eaten too much and showered too little and it becomes easier to understand why there would be flies around him. This would explain the use of Beezlebub as the demon of gluttony. Create a demon tattoo of Beezlebub as described by Palingene. He is described as large in size, and has large nostrils and two large horns on his head. His back should have bat wings, and his feet are duck’s feet. He has a lion’s tail and is very, very hairy. Place a bottle of wine in one hand and a slice of cake in the other.

Beezlebub, the charming snake. Other descriptions of Beezlebub say that he looks like a snake but has feminine traits. Create a demon tattoo of gluttony by creating a “snake woman”. She could have a female body, but have scales on her skin. She should have a forked tongue that is licking something like a lollipop or ice cream cone.

Demon tattoo of the seven deadly sins: Envy and Leviathan. Leviathan isn’t so much a demon as a great monster that destroys and will be defeated by God. Leviathan is a creature of the sea, and in 1 Enoch 60:7 8, Leviathan is called a female. It is unknown why Leviathan is mixed up with envy, or why Binsfield chose this creature/demon.

The mighty dragon of the sea, Leviathan. Create a demon tattoo of Leviathan based on the description of him in the Book of Job. He is a giant whale like creature with scales like a dragon. Fire shoots out of his mouth, and smoke comes from his nostrils. His scales are impenetrable, and can rip apart iron like it is straw. No creature could have been as powerful as Leviathan, and they are all envious of his strength and fearlessness.

Envious beauty. Leviathan, according to Enoch, was a female creature. Since Leviathan is connected with the sea, create a tattoo of envy by making Leviathan a beautiful mermaid. She would have a fish tail, and flowing beautiful hair. Make the hair a bright green to symbolize envy. Her eyes could be a shimmering green, as well. Everyone is envious of another’s beauty.

Demon tattoo of the seven deadly sins: Belphegor and Vanity or Sloth. Belphegor is an interesting demon. He is called the demon of discoveries, although it is uncertain what he discovered. Because of this he was also called the god Fart. Those that followed him were believed to be flesh eaters. What does this have to do with being lazy? No clue, but it does make for some interesting tattoo ideas.

The toilet demon Belphegor. Create a demon tattoo of a creature sitting and praying on a toilet. In his mouth could be some flesh and bone lunch. Seriously, if you do this, please take pictures and share it.

The male god Belphegor. Although considered a demon at times, Belphegor was also worshipped as a god. He was the god of the sun. To incorporate vanity into this demon/god tattoo, turn Belphegor into a sexy man with a sun behind him. Or, he could have the suns rays coming from his built and hot body. His hair could be red or orange like the sun.

The female goddess Belphegor. As a female, Belphegor was worshipped as a goddess of the moon. This tattoo should have a beautiful woman with the moon behind her. Her hair should be dark like the night, or silvery like the moon.

Turn Belphegor into a double tattoo design. On one shoulder blade have the male Belphegor, and on the other have the female.

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