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Dead Eye Pete’s Tattoos Bradenton Florida FL

Dead Eye Pete’s Tattoos Bradenton Florida FL

Seeing your last Prop brought up the subject of custom, free hand work, I just had to brag on Dead eye Pete’s tattoo in Bradenton, Florida, just 1/2 hour south of Tampa/St. Pete. (941)739 9035

Pete has got to be one of the best custom artists in the business, and at the same time, one of the most humble (which is truly rare!)

Although there are currently 6 studios in the area right now, Pete does two things most of them can’t. Custom freehand and cover ups are his specialty! Hang around his studio for a while, and watch people come in. You’ll get a real shock when you see just how much BAD work is being done by.(I ain’t mentioning any names!) Pete’s most used phrase is “Yeah, I can fix that!” Just like a plastic surgeon, this guy actually changes people’s lives!

Pete’s been in the business for 25 years, so he’s got a truckload of stories to tell while you’re gettin’ inked, and his prices are very, very reasonable.

He has done a lot of work on me, including a shoulder piece featuring me as a hard had diver, and my wife as a mermaid (he’s very good at portraits, and that is very rare among tattoo artists) He also did this 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea scene over my right pec muscle that is done in sort of an oriental style with a giant squid on my shoulder and its tentacles reaching toward my sternum and grasping the Nautilus. I brought in 4 different scenes from different book versions of the story, and Pete incorporated them into the tattoo.

Right now Pete is working on a full back piece featuring a scene from Captain Blood with Blood (Errol Flynn) running his sword through a blood thirsty pirate! One scroll above the pirate reads “ALL MEN DIE” and the one below Blood reads BUT, FEW REALLY LIVE”

Kind of my philosophy on life. It’s totally awesome! And, everyone who sees it is just blown away, because Pete is probably the only artist in this town who would even attempt such a project.

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