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Contran back to release modifications to lowered cars

Practice suspended since August 28, 2013, performance parts the change in suspension system for vehicles can now be performed, as published in Resolution 479 of the National Traffic Council (Contran). The highlight is the possibility of installing adjustable suspension systems in light vehicles (PBT with up to 3,500kg), which were banned from August 29, 2008. The change applies to used vehicles, passenger or freight, with the exception of two or three-wheelers and quadricycles.

But the law provides that the modification must meet some limits and requirements. For light vehicles are two requirements: the first is that the lowest point of the body or chassis must have a minimum height for increased circulation or equal to 10 cm; Then, the whole tire / wheel can not touch any part of the vehicle when the wheel is completely fertilized.

SAFETY According to Ricardo Dilser, turbocharger suppliers technical advisor to Fiat, the setting of a suspension have to ensure security, stability and comfort. “Uncritical lowered suspensions may affect vehicle handling, since it is a component connected directly to the control of the vehicle,” says Dilser. He explains that in the case of Fiat models with more dynamic footprint, which have reduced the height of the soil, there is a whole job done in suspension to ensure the best possible arrangement between security, stability and comfort.

Article 1 of Resolution 479 assigns the responsibility of meeting all the requirements of the executing companies and modifications to the vehicle owner. Another requirement for vehicles that have a modified suspension is to enter the field of observations of the Vehicle Registration Certificate (CRV) and Certificate of Registration and Vehicle Licensing (CRLV) the ground clearance. Before making any modification to the vehicle is required to obtain authorization DMV. After making the change, Coilovers the vehicle must pass a safety inspection vehicle in a technical institution licensed by the National Traffic Department (Denatran), which will issue the Vehicle Safety Certificate (CSV).

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