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civil retrial application acceptance notice

“President discovery procedure” retrial ruling

Retrial on procedural issues, buy GW2 Gold High Court spokesman explained: “” Civil Law “Article 198 stipulates: ‘People’s Court at all levels of the hospital has a legally effective judgment, ruling or mediation, discovers an error that require retrial, it shall submit the judicial committee for discussion and decision ‘. This provision is the legal basis for the people’s court rs Gold in accordance with the mandate to start the retrial proceedings. Our hospital is the start of the case in accordance with this provision retrial procedure. ”

Remove the current Civil Procedure Tibia Gold Law “President signed” provisions

About cheap Tera Gold “Dean signature” issue, the spokesman explained, “‘retrial ruling signed by the president’ is 2007’s” Civil Law “provisions of article 185. 2012 the newly revised” Civil Law “Article 206 By deleting the content. In accordance with the relevant provisions of “Civil Law”, when the people’s court ruling signed by the judge and the court clerk. ”

For informants reflect the case issued a “civil retrial application acceptance notice” of the question, the spokesman explained that the current judicial practice, there is no current “Civil Law” About “president ex officio start the retrial procedure ‘notice to the parties instrument style case with a “notice of acceptance of the civil retrial application style.”eso gold But the case for retrial in accordance with the people’s court ruling is ex officio made to start the retrial procedure.

The trial judge has avoided

Evade the issue on the trial judge, Shaanxi High Court spokesman said:. “When June 10 retrial hearing the parties apply for the withdrawal, the hospital was on June 12 decided to separate collegial panel composed retrial of the case.”

“Currently, the case is pending, we will open a fair trial according to the law,fifa coins welcome supervision.” The spokesman said.

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