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Choosing Your Tattoo Design and Where to Put It

Choosing Your Tattoo Design and Where to Put It

You’ve decided on the artist for your new tattoo, but now the question: what to get and where to put it. Although this is all really a matter of personal preference, there are some things that can possibly help you in making this decision. The Pain Factor

The question I get asked most is, “Where does it hurt the most?”. Well, there are no hard and fast rules about this subject, but based on many opinions over the years, here are some ideas:

Women Abdomen, Buttocks, Thigh, ShoulderIt’s great to see that many white collar professionals are getting tattooed these days. It is becoming more main stream and acceptable on all levels of education, background, and professions. Unfortunately, though, this does not mean it is acceptable to the employers or clientelle of the professional worker. Before putting a tattoo in a very visible area of your body, you will want to consider how it will affect those around you.

Your Tattoo Is A Reflection Of You

You can pick up the latest tattoo related magazine, and you will see some examples of great artwork of some very “outspoken” tattoos. Demons, serial killers and sexually explicit tattoos can be artfully perfect, but this may not be how you want people to view you. Whatever you have tattooed on you is the impression people are going to get about what kind of person you are. Granted, this is no one’s business but your own, but if you want to project a certain image, your tattoos should reflect that.


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