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Chinese Tattoo

Chinese Tattoo

2. Buyer Beware: Know What You’re Getting

If your Chinese tattoo of choice involves Chinese characters make sure you understand what the characters mean. The links on this page lead to translations of English words in Chinese. For names, the characters are merely phonetical translations. If you decide to tattoo your Chinese name, consult a native Chinese speaker such as a Chinese teacher at a local high school or college who can insure you get the meaning you want.

3. Get a professional to do the job. Not only is seeking out a professional and clean tattoo parlour essential but so is a trained and experienced tattoo artist.

In the case of Chinese tattoos it is imperative that the tattooist have experience writing Chinese characters. A missed stroke or errant mark can mean the difference between the character you wanted and a completely different, humorous and/or embarrassing tattoo.

Not convinced? Already been inked but unsure if you got accurate Chinese characters? Check out Hanzi Smatter, a humorous blog dedicated to the misuse of Chinese characters, which in the tattoo world, is all to frequent.

4. Consider getting a temporary tattoo. Whether painted on or rubbed on, temporary tattoos give you a chance to try out the Chinese tattoo before making a permanent commitment. Plus, it gives you a chance to check out your tattooist’s Chinese writing skills.


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