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Celtic Knot Spiral Tattoos

Celtic Knot Spiral Tattoos

Celtic Triquetra or Trinity Knot

Apart from knots in general, there are specific Celtic knot designs with special meanings, for example the Triquetra or Trinity Knot. Triquetra consist of three distinct and interlocked points. The word Triquetra originated from the Latin words ‘tri’ (means three) and ‘quetrus’ (means cornered). This symbol represents different meanings in different contexts.

The Triquetra represents different layers of the body of a human being, which are physical, mental, and spiritual. Sometimes the symbol represents the three phases of the life of a woman which are the virgin, the mother and the old wise woman. The Triquetra made with a triangular heart inside symbolizes family, motherhood, sisterhood, and love. the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. To the Christians the symbol is known as the Trinity Knot.

Celtic spirals are one of several famous Celtic patterns with an extraterrestrial inner meaning. In ancient Celtic cultures this symbol was representative of eternal life the whirls represent the continuous creation and destruction of the universe; the spaces between the whirls represent the divisions between life, death and rebirth. Maiden, Mother and Crone, which means the old wise heavenly woman. A Triskele often symbolizes the three Celtic spheres (Land, Sea and Sky). This Celtic symbol is also known as Triscle, Triskelion or Triscle Celta.

Celtic Knots Spirals as Tattoo Designs

The usual Celtic Knot tattoo is suitable for both men and women. They can look wonderful especially on arms and backs! They are generally done on small sizes in black. But a multicolored Celtic Knot done on a grand scale on the entire back is something very uncommon and unique! An image of such a huge Celtic Knot tattoo with tree, crow and dove can be seen in the photos provided with this article.

Celtic Triquetra and Triskele tattoo designs are cute designs and loved by people of all age groups for their universal appeal! If you’re too confused with selecting a unique tattoo for yourself, choose a Celtic Triquetra and Triskele. They are not only unique and uncommon but also highly fashionable. A Celtic Triple Spiral inside a ring formed by Celtic knot work is an excellent idea! In the photo section you can find two such tattoos, one on a woman’s lower back and another on arm with a triangular heart shape inside the spirals signifying motherhood.

lpanfil 2 years ago from Cleveland, Ohio

I don’t have a single tattoo but I am fascinated by them. From why a design is chosen to the amazing artistry of tattoo artists it is a astonishing art form.

kittythedreamer 2 years ago from Arcturus Level 4 Commenter

Have you ever looked into the meanings behind the celtic knots and spirals? It is truly an intriguing topic. I recommend a book called “Celtic Inspirations”. Thanks for sharing!

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