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BVLGARI launched a new ring series – Serpenti Viper

The charm of the ultimate and attractive, eye-catching Italian design intentions. In ancient times, the awesome snake is one of the most mythological animal totems. Since ancient times in Rome, the snake is the legendary mysterious and sacred synonymous, was regarded as immortal, power and charm of the incarnation. From the legendary snake to draw inspiration, pick the source of the charm of the snake and beautiful colors, the achievements of this new Serpenti Viper jewelry series.

In the 1940s, Bulgari first Serpent i serpentine jewelry watch was born, soft curves wrapped around the wrist, gorgeous snake head shape show time art. For decades, the Cartier love bracelet replica series has brought new surprises every year: the interpretation of different colored gemstones, re-showing the structural shape, winding snake-like scales continue to innovate. In 2016, Serpenti series of design focus on the snake’s eyes, eyes hypnotic attractive force breathtaking, as charming women between the bright eyes of the charm of glamor, glamorous can not be things. In 2017, Bvlgari to capture the spirit of the snake and the charm of the charm, carved out of the female heart of the precious ring ring.

Since the founding of the brand, more than 130 years, Bulgari from the vitality of nature in a steady stream of inspiration, in the light and natural beauty in the dancing. From the exquisite beauty of the flowers to the dangerous charm of the snake, nature nourished all things, nurtured all kinds of treasures. Italian jewelry family Bulgari by virtue of the iconic craftsmanship clever interpretation of these natural inspiration, to convey the natural world of abundant energy, the flow of vitality and magnificent tones. In the name of the snake, each Serpenti Pusheng pass the characteristics of Bulgari – wearing flexible, diverse materials, craft avant-garde, colorful intoxicating.

Bright and beautiful, soft and soft – Bulgari to the superb Italian craft widely known. Vivid gem, full of sense of volume, all reflect the unique charm and creativity from Italy, shaping the unique style of Replica Cartier jewelry.

The snake-like soft curve will be connected with precious materials, supplemented by exquisite jewelry mosaic process, giving Serpenti Viper series ring strong flow. Its triangular design echoes the snake’s triangular head, end to end, to create an infinite loop of fine geometric design. The overall touch like a snake scales smooth, whether it is black mother of pearl, or gorgeous dazzling diamonds, all highlight this magnificent ring unique style and superb craftsmanship, so that the wearer anytime, anywhere gorgeous glory. Serpenti Viper series of tribute to the ancient snake totem, a variety of gorgeous material, superb craft design and dazzling colors seamlessly integrated into the triangular structure design.

Spirit snake called the animal kingdom camouflage master. Waiting for prey, the perfect stealth in the surrounding environment, waiting for an opportunity to move. When concealed, its body changes are very similar to the habitat; and after the raid, it presents an enviable color. The spirits of the snake, the charm of enchanting make it very attractive. When it huddles the body for hiding, it will form a shape like the Cartier love ring replica Viper ring. Light and shadow of the staggered, intellectual and charm of the collision, this charming double of the perfect interpretation of the essence of Bulgari lies. Serpenti Viper Ring is a unique interpretation of the duality of human emotions, is the beauty of color and material balance of the best show, but also the unique personality of women’s unique gift. Gorgeous gorgeous gems, glorious diamonds and beautiful and beautiful material pavilions, full of Bulgari brand bold avant-garde, exquisite luxury, colorful, outstanding and eternal Rome design style.

Bvlgari jewelry series contains unique Roman pure and dynamic, informal tradition, born bright, strong personality, different. The magnificent charm of the Bulgari show the way of life of the Romans “Larger than life”. Sexy charm of the Serpenti Viper series to capture the spirit of Bulgari wild spirit, with gorgeous posture, straight female heart chord.

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