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Blizzard President ultimate team fifa 15 coins interview

Blizzard President ultimate team fifa 15 coins in an interview with foreign media Polygon officially recognized “Titan” project has been cancelled, because it doesn’t look so funny (“We didn’t find the fun.”)
Morhaime said in an interview “we created” World of Warcraft “, our own ultimate team fifa 15 coins development ability is very confident,” ultimate team fifa 15 coins says, “so we decided to try to do some unprecedented scale of things out. But the final results are not satisfactory. We did not find the fun, we talk about what to do during the period of re planning,ultimate team fifa 15 coins but in fact we re planning and consideration is’ is this really what we want to do the game? ‘ The answer is’ no ‘”.
The Blizzard development group senior vice president ultimate team fifa 15 coins Metzen said, cancel the Titan project decision “very painful”. Morhaime said, “this decision has been difficult, as we call” Warcraft: Inferno Prince “and” StarCraft: Ghost (StarCraft Ghost) “, but it is better to pursue a better quality results.”
Morhaime says that “an important factor is the” fifa 15 how to get coins “launched World of Warcraft” success, but its success so that companies with Blizzard games,ultimate team fifa 15 coins game player has appeared in a true sense of obligation and self cognitive problems, Blizzard is not an ultimate team fifa 15 coins company, in re examining the Titan project, they don’t think they should tie yourself in a particular type of. Morhaime says that although Blizzard does not exclude in the future development of a new MMO may, but now they will no longer be in other projects on this type of energy input, and reiterated that Blizzard will not stop World of Warcraft “support”.

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