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Bicep Tattoos

Bicep Tattoos

Tattooing is an art of imprinting permanent designs with ink on the body. This kind of body art was basically invented for non verbal communication and personal identification. But today, tattoos have evolved to become a style mantra and are popular all over the world. They are extremely flexible and versatile, both with respect to design and placement. It is a painful procedure and the intensity of the pain depends on the body part where the tattoo is going to be carved. The bicep is one such body part where the pain inflicted is not very high. So, if it is your first time, and want to test your endurance levels, the bicep is where you would want to get one. They are very versatile as they can be used for expressing various human emotions like love, friendship, and even betrayal. You can pair them with other designs like wings, names, and banners. A sacred heart, broken heart, tribal heart, and Celtic heart are some of more popular designs. These are known for their detailed prints and exotic designs. Whether it’s a Chinese dragon or a Japanese dragon, they are some of the best that are usually carved on the upper arms and back. The options and designs they can choose from are aplenty. You can combine them with vine or bird designs. A flower can be carved in the form of a bracelet that wraps around the bicep or you can have a single flower on your upper bicep.

Barbed Wires

Barbed wire tattoo designs make some of the best bicep tattoos for men. These designs are characterized by chain like patterns with toothed and prickly edges, and are quite similar to tribal tattoo designs. They are usually carved around the biceps and make for great armband designs. These can be paired with names and hearts as well.

Zodiac Signs

Looking for a tattoo that will reflect your personality? Then you should surely have your zodiac sign imprinted. Zodiac tattoos are usually small in size and hence, fit very well on the biceps. You can have a zodiac tattoo according to Western or Chinese astrology. You can have a snake with a large head or you can have a snake tattoo design wrapped around your bicep. You can also pair a snake with other animals like a tiger or a panther to get a customized tattoo.

Tribal designs, stars, skulls, owls, dolphins, koi fish, palm trees, etc., are some more popular tattoo designs for the biceps. So, select one from the above list and get it sculpted on your bicep.

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