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Best Tattoo Parlors in Chicago

Best Tattoo Parlors in Chicago

Phone: (773) 736 3028The Jade Dragon Tattoo and Body Piercing parlor is a great Chicago landmark that’s does a lot of business. It’s highly recommended that you get an appointment here rather than just walking in, because your wait time might be relatively long. While the prices here might be a bit steep, the artists are all great and the entire shop in top notch.4441 N Broadway St

Chicago, IL 60640 5660

Phone: (773) 989 4077The Tattoo Factory is a Chicago parlor that is somewhat unique. All the designs here are previously priced and laid out in a gigantic book, so you know exactly what you’re going to get and how much it’s going to cost. This also leads to the biggest downside of the Tattoo Factory, which is the fact that it isn’t really set up too well for unique body art designs. But, if you’re happy with a stock design, or are into body piercing, this is a great place to go.1754 W North Ave

Chicago, IL 60622 2147

Phone: (773) 772 8288

Sun Thu 12pm 12am (12pm 10pm for piercing)

Fri Sat 12pm 2am (12pm 12am for piercing)

Tatu Tattoo is a great shop with a more relaxed attitude and friendly staff. In some ways this parlor feels more like you’ve stepped into an old school barber shop than a tattoo parlor. Don’t let that fool you, though. The artistry here is phenomenal and the black and white work in particular was stunningly good. Also, there’s no need for an appointment here as long as your design isn’t too complicated or time consuming.1017 W Belmont Ave

Chicago, IL 60657 3302

Phone: (773) 528 6969The Chicago Tattooing Company is one of the most reasonably priced tattoo parlors in the city, perhaps even in the state of Illinois. This is an extremely clean, sanitary place as well. A note to the wise, though, is that the employees here tend to use the old “price break” line quite a bit, leading you to believe that your getting a “special” price that they don’t give to just anyone. Despite that, however, this is a great place to get your ink done.4304 W 63rd St

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