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Best Tattoo Parlors in Birmingham

Best Tattoo Parlors in Birmingham

Birmingham is Alabama’s largest city and the Birmingham metropolitan area is one of the largest metro areas in the South. And, although Birmingham is a place that is steeped in history, it’s also a place with a burgeoning body art scene. There are plenty of different places to get a tattoo or body piercing in Metropolitan Birmingham. Unfortunately, many of those places aren’t exactly reputable. Here’s a listing of some of the better tattoo parlors to be found anywhere in Birmingham. Cloud Nine Southside

1030 20th St. S.

Birmingham, AL 35205Although all of the staff members are Cloud Nine Southside may not appear to be extremely professional upon your first examination, this is definitely one of the best places in Birmingham to get a tattoo or body piercing. Cloud Nine has built up a solid reputation and even has clients driving in from other nearby Southern cities due to the fact that the tattoo work done here is second to none. Cloud Nine is very clean, the artists there work quickly and stick to their price estimates, and it is one of the best places around to get help on a custom tattoo design. This is also a great place for those looking to get complex tattoo designs or add on work.

The Shop Tattoo Piercing

1022 20th St. S.

Birmingham, AL 35205The Shop Tattoo Piercing, which is located just down the street from its aforementioned Birmingham rival Cloud Nine Southside, is another great tattoo parlor. The Shop Tattoo Piercing is extraordinarily clean and one nice touch here is that the tattoo artists and piercers actually sit their clients down and have them watch to make sure everything is sterilized and handled correctly. The artistry here is also great. It also bears mentioning that this tattoo shop is a great option for walk ins and seems to handle them very well. All in all this is another great option in terms of tattoo parlors in Birmingham.3242 A Cahaba Heights Rd.

Birmingham, AL 35243While Cafe Tattoo may be one of the smaller tattoo shops in Birmingham, and may not look like much, the artistry at this establishment is spectacular. Things may be a bit crowded inside of Cafe Tattoo, and it’s probably best to make an appointment rather than simply walk through the door, but those who are willing to take the time will find that this is one of the hidden gems of Birmingham’s body art scene. Elaborate designs and intricate custom work are no problem at Cafe Tattoo and even the most seasoned body art veterans will probably fall in love with this place. Non Stop Art Tattoo

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