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Best Tattoo Machines for a Beginner

Best Tattoo Machines for a Beginner

If you are looking to purchase a tattoo machine, there are a lot of them out there on the market to choose from. You can get a beginner machine from a good price, to a custom made machine that will run you quite a bit. If you are a beginner to the world of tattooing, a beginner tattoo machine will suite your needs fine, but you will still want a good one at an affordable price. If you are trying to figure out which machines would be best for you and where you can find them, this article will help you out. Element Tattoo Supply has a 10m wrap tattoo machine that is geared toward the beginner tattoo artist, although it receives high praises from professional artists as well. The Element Ice Tattoo machine is lightweight, but not too light, it can be tuned to be a liner as well as a shader, and it is affordable. You will pay only $34.99 for this machine. When you consider that it can be tuned to run as a liner or a shader that is an excellent price.

Worldwide Tattoo Supply has a U shaped tattoo machine that is an 8 wrap for $62.50. This machine will cost you only $50.00 if you become a member for the year. This is a good machine for a beginner. It also can be used as a liner or a shader. Becoming a member will save you a lot of money throughout the year on all of your supplies that you purchase from Worldwide tattoo Supply. They usually ship same day and you will get your tattoo machine quickly delivered by UPS.

Superior Tattoo has a tattoo machine that is good for a beginner that is called the Black Raven Machine 5035. This machine can be configured to run as a liner or a shader.

You can purchase your other supplies, such as; power supplies, cords, foot pedal, ink, needles, and barrels from the same place you purchase the machine, or you may decide to look around and do some price shopping.

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