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Benefits of installing vending machines in the office

There are several direct benefits of installing vending machines in the office, that is to say, in any company, its advantages are straightforward. Both the boss and employees can enjoy this good service. All of them can enjoy a short rest and then relieve the pressure of work. In terms of the cost, providing these self-service can save the company’s costs and time. Therefore, there is no need for the company to install any traditional dining room, which can reduce the personnel costs and work efficiency will be improved. This can also avoid staff’s unreasonable absence on jobs for a long time. Some professionals say, according to the statistics, that if there are ten employees in the office, they will not be in the office for two hundred hours every month. After the value is conversed, it can be understood that a company will loss 1600 euros per month. But if there is a reserved space for coffee in the employee’s office, then the time that a company lost will be reduced by half.

On the other hand, it can also encourage personal and interpersonal relationships. In fact, drinking coffee with the companions, often in a few minutes, will create a good idea. For the boss, there are several advantages. According to different seasons, providing coffee or snacks with a healthy vending machine like Vendzone’s YZ-250, will reassure your staff and make them work comfortably, which might avoid the employees’ complain to the employer or work. Coffee can also stretch the muscles and let the staff feel relaxed. Having a chat room with other departments in the company can avoid the embarrassment that the employees don’t know their colleagues. The staff can also see the positive side of the company, which makes a day’s work more comfortable.

Thus, installing vending machines in the office can create enormous benefits both in the numbers and on employees’ satisfaction.

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