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Because of the beginning mut coins

Because of the beginning of each year will mut coins each other in the Swiss city of Davos held the” World Economic Forum “, so also known as the” summer Davos Forum “.6 25 mut coins from Dalian City, Davos office was informed that, as an important platform for international communication Chinese culture, during the 2017 Dalian summer ultimate team coins held in Davos, will mut coins more prominent Chinese elements, Dalian culture, so that the guests to a special charm and keenly aware of the value of Chinese culture. It is understood that the evening of June mut coins, in Dalian City, Donggang business district have a high standard of” Dalian night “culture dinner. At that time, will be invited to Liaoning ballet ballet” Don Quixote. Dalian Peking mut coins Peking Opera scene ” The temple > fragments, the Dalian acrobatic troupe of buy madden mobile coins “springboard men”, Dalian martial arts and martial arts museum “Wuhun > and Dalian mut coins and dance troupe of the song” spring Ballet Dance >, < >, the show will also flowers elves appeared one by one, for the Chinese and foreign guest offer highlight Dalian cultural mut coins, showing the local literature and art group style performances. In this culture dinner on the platform, will also showcase the China calligraphy,

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