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Baltimore Raven vs Cincinnati Mumbai

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1 am on Monday

Looking forward: Cincinnati does not seem to be the blessing of the Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe – Flac. The last four times off the war Meng Hu, Flaco only completed a touchdowns, but sent a 6 cut. Now, he is suffering from back injury, and only a week’s time for this opener training preparation. These unfavorable factors have a madden 18 coins fatal impact on the Ravens.

It is not easy to start a new season with a rivalry in the same area, especially when the two first players, Vincent-Bourt Ketter and Corps Adam Jones are all banned. Two teams of paper strength is difficult to distinguish between high and low, but in the crow team soldier camp and flavo long battle of the case, the home game Cincinnati Mengtu team is more likely to win a victory.

Forecast: Meng Husheng

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Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cleveland Browns

Kick-off time: 1 am on Monday

Preview: Pittsburgh Steelers starting quarterback this – Ross Ellis Berg career game against the Cleveland Browns 20 wins and 2 losses, made in Cleveland on 10 wins. Brown team two best defensive players are unable to play. Rookie Myers – Garrett was injured, while the corner Wei Joe – Blacken has been in the steel array. Steelers run Levi – Bell and take over Antonio – Brown in the past three games against the Brown team in the game together to advance the 905 yards. A good start for the steel man is like a steal. (Click gameusd.comto buy madden 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

If the Brown team can under the leadership of the rookie quarterback to experience a decent failure may still be a good season start, but the reality Cheap madden 18 coins does not seem to be the case. De Sean – Kaiser will face all the rookie will accept the challenge, in addition, he also by the Steelers regional lightning shock defense tactics of the NFL 18 COINS weight. The team defensive second line will also face Brown, Rossburg, and Bell’s bombardment. The full firepower of the Steelers will not give the Cleveland any chance.

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