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Ask the National Energy mut coins

“Ask the National Energy Bureau from the mut coins reality, considering the grim situation facing us, comprehensively promote the project grid, and mut coins that the price subsidy is not lowered.” the official said. Another person in charge of the photovoltaic business of photovoltaic power generation in 2016 Hebei utilization hours have mut coins the number of hours is 1382. He said that the average utilization hours of equipment is special in some power plant under 1400, not as a madden mobile coins basis. For example, mut coins Zhangjiakou nets new source scenery storage demonstration power station and Zhongdian Purui Zhangbei wind power monitoring limited project belong to the test station; mut coins County Shun can the photovoltaic power station last year “630” grab AGC active grid, no debugging, no way to mut coins. In fact, since the “630” policy, is criticized by many mut coins insiders,Think the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. With the photovoltaic manufacturing technology and application technology, photovoltaic power tariff mut coins have gradually decreased, but the “brush” pattern in the process of decline, “630” “930” “1231” any time cut-off point down electricity subsidies policy, which caused a lot of mut coins industry and market development issues,

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