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AEI Gamer Mall contains more three-dimensional

On July 21, held AEI Gamer Mall guangzhou netease “datang one like zero” of the fifth anniversary commemoration, conference, netease marketing director Liu Guonan announced “datang one like zero” hand swim version will be officially launched in 2016. Like to play with datang one like friends, no longer waiting for a day in front of the computer AEI Gamer Mall to leave! “Datang one like” series the most attract people is “natural belligerent” spiritual culture, while the datang one like zero and players, the future is to maintain the spirit culture, “datang one like zero” not just to do marketing, AEI Gamer Mall culture will be integrated into the more players, players elements, let the AEI Gamer Mall promotion and brand communication both.

“Datang one like AEI Gamer Mall” tour edition would be a hand contains more three-dimensional light and shadow, period of LianZhao, physical damage, and other elements of heavy hand swim, have extremely strong action; On the other hand, gw2 gold cheap the hand tour edition of the datang one AEI Gamer Mall zero will also remain series features, support large PK with screen in real time. As a 80% AEI Gamer Mall in combat as the core of the game,AEI Gamer Mall this unique combat type “to” sustaining the war by means of war and social spheres of the theme of the play has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the AEI Gamer Mall. Highly clear and true game screen, wonderful martial arts fight, let a person was staring! Want to convey in the game with players of “fighting” spirit passed down for long.

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