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actual work in sales graduates is roughly equal

The average of 90 graduates expected salary of 3,275 yuan, higher than the actual average salary of 588 yuan, there is a gap between reality and expectations are.

“Report” also shows that the lower the loyalty of a new generation of young career. Tera Gold 47.9% of the graduates of the first jobs of the expected working hours in a year; more 23.6 percent of people think they will leave within six months. Expected duration of the first job of more than 3 years, only 7.9%.

In occupational preferences, 90 graduates want to engage in sales of 20.3%, 15.0% preferred direction of human resources, 14.4 percent prefer their own businesses, 23.6% expect to engage in clerical and administrative work related.

From 90 after actual employment contract career graduates,swtor credits the sales (17.3%), self-employed (15.6%) and skilled workers (9.3%) is the most concentrated vocational graduates.

Expectations and actual work in sales graduates is roughly equal, “the report,” said, as companies demand more sales positions, liquidity, coupled with low barriers to entry, so to attract a large number of graduates to join the sales force.

On the employment units, the expected and actual graduates a larger gap. 90 graduates want to go to state-owned enterprises, public institutions and proportion to the work of state organs were 36.5%, 17.5% and 10.4%. However, in terms of the actual nature of the contract unit, only about 20% of the graduates successfully entered the departments and units, enterprises, institutions and state-owned enterprises, 72.7 percent of graduates in the private sector final contract.

It reported that the place of employment,Tibia Gold Beijing, Shanghai graduates who tied for the best minds workplace, each 13.6 percent of graduates expect to work in these two cities.

In addition to Beijing, Shanghai, by the graduates of the first-tier cities also keen to Shenzhen (12%), Guangzhou (12%), Chengdu (8.5%) and Hangzhou (8.5%).

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