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a little personal experience

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Active jewelry in a short time fighting is always more powerful than passive jewelry, such as Azshara after the king, you can put on orange jewelry and active jewelry, the second Master strange must use jewelry. Of course, in the last one strange when we can set aside some anger, to facilitate the final beheaded.
Use assault angry, when the inn, when you can move a little, direct charge in the past. Black heart of the dragon can be in the hair when the wind and then go back and forth. Black heart of the tree in the most distant output can fly back after flying. The cave of the giant, the tail of the stage, the soul of the king of the temple and so on the same reason.
There are occasions to add, try to use beheaded to the boss stack buff.(Click to buy buy wow gold, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

In the giant fast refresh when you can consider the appropriate stop, the same applies to beheaded twice after the giant and death did not refresh.
No artifact in the case can be considered with the giant in exchange for the speed of the addition of heart.
8. words later
The current version of the violent war is still strong, shorter cd war roar with the belt and the secret, in aoe war shine. According to the current situation, the next version of the performance of violent war may be more than weapons. Do not recommend the output of soldiers Shuangxiu, after all, equipment accumulation and artifact peak to a large extent determine the output.
The most important thing is to think a lot, to find their own equipment and the output of the rhythm of the team.
If there is a team near miss war, welcome to contact the landlord. If there are better comments and suggestions, please discuss with the landlord. Also welcome spray crazy output, after all, not spray, where the power to enhance their own?Finally, I wish you all want to orange, every day out of the Titan.
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